I would like to reduce my weight, is there any proof that Ancora can help me with this?

At Ancora, we do not aim for weight loss, but rather at improving health and reducing risk for chronic disease, in a sustainable manner. Since bodyfat is a risk factor for disease, we do aim to reduce this when excessive. Simultaneously, we aim to increase muscle mass, a factor that also reduces disease risk. We observe we are effective at both reducing bodyfat as well as increasing muscle mass. A consequence is also that there also is some weight loss, as bodyfat is lost quicker than muscle is gained (muscle is heavy). We observe in our dataset that overweight individuals on average loose approximately 1.5 BMI point during their Ancora program (approximately 4 KG). Since these results are achieved with sustainable lifestyle changes (no crazy diets, but rather a balance of lifestyle and modest dietary changes) and the fact that fat is converted into muscle is a very promising prospective. To date no scientifically validated weight loss programs exist to date that achieve durable (more then two years after the intervention) weight loss. Currently we are working toward this.