I have an issue with my app, what can I do myself?

Reporting a problem, also known as bug reporting, is the process of identifying, documenting, and reporting errors or undesired behavior in software or applications. It's important because it helps developers find and fix issues, improving the overall quality of the software.

When using a digital app, occasional bugs may occur, especially since we continuously strive to improve the app. There are several steps you can take before contacting the customer service helpline, which may resolve the issue for you.

1. Restart the app: This is usually the first step. Fully close the app and restart it. In many cases, this can resolve minor glitches or issues.
2. Restart your phone: If the problem persists, restart your entire phone. Sometimes issues can be caused by temporary system errors that are resolved by a restart.
3. Check for app updates: Go to the app store (Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS) and see if there are updates available for the app. Installing the latest updates can fix known bugs.
4. Clear the app cache: Go to your phone's settings, find the app in question, and select "Storage" or "Clear Cache." This can help if the app is responding slowly or crashing.
5. Check your internet connection: Some apps require a stable internet connection. Verify if you have an active internet connection and if other apps are working properly.
6. Check storage space: Ensure that there is sufficient available storage space on your phone. If your phone is nearly full, it may affect app performance.
7. Check permissions: Go to the app settings and verify if the app has the correct permissions. For example, if the app lacks access to the camera when needed, issues may arise.