How do I report a problem with my app?

You can report an issue to Ancora Health customer service by calling +31(0)88-1002323 (on weekdays until 13:00) or by email to

What should I include in my bug report?

It's extremely helpful if you have the following information ready or can share it with us when reporting the bug:

- What is the problem you're encountering?
- How does the problem manifest itself?
  For example, you open the application and click on ..., then the following happens or doesn't work.
- If you've taken any steps yourself to resolve the issue, it's useful to share this. For example, restarting the app or logging in again.
- Also mention any external factors at play and what you've tried, such as toggling Wi-Fi on and off. It's also useful to check the points from (link to question 2 bug reporting).
- What version of the app are you currently using? You can find this in the app itself under settings --> app information.
- What brand of phone are you using and what model is it?
- If possible, take a screenshot or video of the problem and share it with the customer service team.