Can you give me some examples of the kind of advice you give?

Your Personal Health Passport is filled with tailored and specific actions to help you improve your health. Depending on your health assessments, dietary restrictions, and goals, you get recommendations like:

- Consume more poultry, pulses and beans, and fish to improve your B-vitamins and iron levels for better oxygen transport
- Engage in passive and active recovery below your aerobic threshold for reduced inflammation and recovery time
- Schedule time to practice diaphragmatic breathing every day to better manage your stress
- Engage in 30-45 minutes of cycling or brisk walking every day in your maximum fat burn zone to improve your body fat distribution
- Engage in polarized training tailored to the heart rate thresholds measured during your cycling test to improve your VO2max and power output

In your Insight and Action session with us we discuss your health goals in more detail and agree upon specific actions to help you achieve them. Through SMART goal setting we guide you to understand which choices have what impact on your body and mind. Knowing what does and doesn’t work for you is crucial for habit forming.